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Burlingame State Park and Forest
The 3,100 acres of rocky woodland belonging to this area nearby surround Watchaug Pond in Charlestown. The entrance to the park headquarters and camping area is off U.S. Route #1 just south of the entrance to the Naval Auxiliary Landing Field. Between these two points is located the entrance to the main park, picnic area and the Kimball Sanctuary via Prosser Trail, now being resurfaced and straightened. Rather extensive picnic facilities, 73 fireplaces, toilets, drinking water, swimming beach and bathhouse make this one of the most popular state recreation areas.

It is about a ten minute drive from here to several of the larger salt water beaches in the state. Roads into the park headquarters are bordered with large pines, spruces, and hemlocks.


Burlingame park and management area consists of 3100 acres of rocky, forested, hilly terrain with campgrounds and Watchaug Pond south of Buckeye Brook Road in Charlestown. Activities include camping at 755 campsites, fishing, swimming, picnicking, boating and hiking. The area north of Buckeye Brook Road, which abuts the Pawcatuck River, is primarily a hunting area.


Animals at Burlingame include white-tailed deer, eastern cottontail, gray squirrel, eastern chipmunk, muskrat, mink, raccoon, red fox, white-footed mouse, short-tailed shrew, river otter, and short tailed weasel.


There are probably as many as 80 species of birds that nest in Burlingame, and many more species can also be seen there during migration periods and in the winter. For example, Watchaug Pond has been notable in recent years as a place to look for wintering bald eagles.


A representative sampling of species that nest in Burlingame includes Canada Goose, wood duck, broad-winged hawk, great horned owl, downy woodpecker, great nested flycatcher, blue jay, white-breasted nuthatch, house wren, hermit thrush, cedar waxwing, red-eyed vireo, ovenbird, scarlet tanager, rufous-sided towhee, and chipping sparrow.


A representative sample of amphibians and reptiles include wood frog, spring peeper, green frog, redback salamander, spotted salamander, eastern box turtle, northern water snake and eastern garter snake.


Half of Watchaug Pond is surrounded by Burlingame. Watchaug Pond is the site of a current study seventy (70) percent funded by a $100,000 Clean Lakes Grant from the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, with the remaining funds coming from the Department of Environmental Management. The study to examine a yearly cycle for the pond began in April 1992. Preliminary results indicate the pond is still very clean. Watershed Watch volunteers also have conducted sampling for four years at the pond.



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